2016: NIPPON TV    日立世界ふしき発見!(Hitachi Sekai Fushigi Hakken)
Mystery hunter Kanae Takeuchi and the famous mountaineer Ken Noguchi headed towards Hotel Everest View as one of the focal points of their trek. Beautiful weather during the featuring of Mt. Everest from the hotel’s popular terrace.  


2014: TV TOKYO     未来世紀ジパング  (Mirai Seiki Zipangu)

One of the trekking group to Hotel Everest View was accompanied by the TV Tokyo crew, who were able to capture scenes from the trek as well as the hotel. There is also an interview with the Managing Director, Mr. Takashi Miyahara.


2013: BS TV      絶景・世界自然7ワンダーズ   (Zekkei Sekai Shizen 7 Wonders)
Introducing the Everest trail and Hotel Everest View. The scenery captured by the latest filming technology makes you feel as if you are actually there in person. 


2011: TV Tokyo     日本食堂   (Nippon Shyokudou)
Hotel Everest View was introduced as being the highest placed hotel serving Japanese food. Please come visit and try our famous Oyakodon and other tasty dishes!


2009: NIPPON TV     アナザースカイ   (Another Sky)
For tv personality Masami Hisamoto who was just entering the field in 2009, Hotel Everest View became a memorable place during her debut in television.


The Guardian | Travel | Walking Holidays
 “As the world’s highest-placed hotel (according to the record-keepers at Guinness), it’s perhaps little surprise that Hotel Everest View has an awe-inspiring panorama of all-star peaks. This 12-room Himalayan retreat is at a strategic spot in Sagarmatha national park nearly 4,000m above sea level. The heavenly views leave many visitors in a happy stupor but the hotel is also a great base from which to get out and explore the Everest region.”
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“Standing at a height of 3,962 metres, its name says it all: Hotel Everest View. Located in Nepal National Park, it offers 360º views of all the surrounding peaks, including Everest. In fact, you can admire the highest peak in the world from every room. There’s no better reward if you manage to make it there.”
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 “In this valley, with the sheer verticality of the nearby looming peaks – Everest, Lhostse, Nuptse and Ama Dablam all around, the hotel’s horizontal and heavy-block construction anchoring it to the earth underscore this as a place of shelter, and a sublime moment of architecture in the great Himalayan landscape”
Waller, V 2013, ‘At Everest’s Feet’ AchitectureAU 28th November. Retrieved from
“Remote hotels give visitors two things their typical counterparts can’t: First, the completion of a long and arduous journey delivers a handsome sense of achievement. Second, a calming detachment from everyday worries and commitments results from getting literally thousands of miles from home”
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Jefferies, Margaret. Mount Everest National Park – Sagarmatha Mother of the Universe, p. 161. Seattle: The Mountaineers, 1986
“The grassy hilltops and mixed rhododendron and fir forest around the Hotel are magnificent. The view from here can only be described as superb… As an example of excellent stonework, the exterior of this building is possibly the best in Khumbu, the other feature being its architecture which allows it to blend in with its surroundings”.